Halloween Pajamas

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Costume Craze: What will you be for Halloween?

Halloween pajamas! Sleepwear, especially for kids (and big kids), is more than just keeping warm at night; kids and adults wear pajamas during the morning, even daytime, and evenings, as comfortable and casual wear around the home. Pajamas have become their own 'fashion statement', and this statement seems to follow one particular theme: FUN!

Our regular clothes, worn outside and in most situations, is serious stuff; but when we're in familiar, loving surroundings, we seem to want to cut loose and dress loosely, comfortably, and in the case of pajamas we are 'allowed', it seems, to dress purely for fun, with bright colors and exciting design prints on the fabrics. And of all the bright pajamas, Halloween pajamas seem to invite the most interesting and playful images. In earliest pajamas history, people would sew pajamas themselves, and would dye or paint colorful pictures on them for their children; in modern times, commercialism took the hint and began making pajamas with all kinds of cartoons, funny pictures, fuzzy animals, and colorful patterns on them. 

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With the advent of 'marketing', pajamas also began to see popular trends on them, such as comic book characters (superhero pajamas), Christmas pajamas with Santa, reindeer, presents, Christmas trees on them, and pajamas that represent almost every television or movie or doll character. Personally, I love Halloween pajamas the best. In a way, they are as commercialized as the other types... yet Halloween is not represented by any specific 'character', and includes the wonderful, magical, mystical, yet colorful and friendly imagery of creatures and monsters of all kinds, witches and ghosts, jack-o-lanterns and spiders, and just about any kind of costume or character from throughout history; the possibilities are almost endless.

Here's a list of the more popular Halloween pajamas and what kinds of prints and pictures you'll find on them:

Ghost pajamas - these can have any kinds of ghosts, from friendly ghost cartoon characters like Casper, to cartoon wispy-like playful ghosts, on up to scary, creepy ghosts.

Witch pajamas - you'll usually find a witch or two riding broomsticks with a moon and dark trees in the background, or even a nice close-up of a scary, wart-faced witch.

Jack-o-lantern pajamas (or Pumpkin pajamas) - these are my personal favorite; there's just something both cute and beautiful about having those bright orange, wonderfully-round pumpkins and pumpkin faces all over your pajamas.

Stars and moon pajamas - these are good for all year long, but since Halloween is best known for creepy things at night, any pajamas with a night theme, usually stars or moon, are great for Halloween.

Devil pajamas - although the 'Devil' isn't necessarily associated with Halloween, it's a scary face, with horns and red skin, and devil costumes (and pj's) are popular for Halloween pajamas.

Skeleton pajamas - although my favorite is the pumpkin pajamas, it seems the skeleton pajamas are the best-sellers. People love those long bones all over their pajamas!

Monster pajamas - these Halloween pajamas are the most versatile; any kind of a famous or made-up monster can be put on pajamas, from scary creatures like the Mummy, Frankenstein, Dracula, werewolf, or friendly furry creatures like the Cookie Monster.

Pirate pajamas - avast thar, ye swabs! Pirates with cutlasses, pirate hats and eye patches make great Halloween pajamas.

Spider and web pajamas - big black scary spiders hanging around in their webs!

Most childrens clothing stores will carry a version or two of Halloween pajamas, and for those of you who can't find any, I try to find and add any interesting ones I can find to our store regularly so you can shop for pajamas online. Happy Halloween!